05 jan

Bar chair “The Eye”

Designed by Olga Kosyakina.

I have many ideas about “how the furniture could look like” but in fact, when it comes to the reality, it’s really hard to get anyone to believe that it can actually become THE REALITY. I think your competition gives a great opportunity for a young designer as i am to bring some of surreal ideas to the real World.

Bar chair “The Eye”
For the bar char I’ve used the following materials:

5 glass squares 30×30 -metal tubes 70 cm
green plastic (for the cover)
soft plastic (the eye shape)
wood plate h 10, 30×30 cm.

A combination of floral en industrial shapes
It’s quite hard to find an explanation for such an “artsy” thing. While making it, I was trying to combine the floral organic shapes with an industrial motive, such as a glass cube. The eye symbolize a human – which is probably always stays in between nature and industry.

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