04 jan

The “Reflection corner”

Designed by Paula Colchero.

I am interested in the possibilities of design to improve people’s quality of life. I work thinking of the way our needs change with time and how objects and spaces should adapt to that. I think this competition is a possibility of making these ideas become a part of people’s everyday life.

The “Reflection corner”
My design is a shower space consisting of two wooden walls, floor, roof and seat placed in a corner of the bathroom. There is the basic shower system and an alternative “slow shower” in which water falls from one of the walls with a seat where is can be enjoyed.

The goal is to create a place for relaxation within the bathroom space. It responds to the idea that contemporary life is more demanding than ever and we do not have much time for ourselves. This creates problems in peoples health. Bathroom spaces tend to be small and functional. The “Reflection corner” offers the possibility of transforming one corner of the bathroom into a space for well being.

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