04 jan

Dust Shade

dustshade 1  
Designed by Yasuhito Hirose.

I thought it is good chance to ask to the juries which market could be for my “dust shade”. My question is how the designers, producers, marketers can change the preconception in the consumers. It is a challenge to deal with the stuff, like dust, which is people think negative. I believe the gap is often deep but not too wide to jump.

Dust Shade
Any light source generate heat, even high power LEDs does, and the heat makes air circulation. the circulation takes tiny particle in the air. This “dust shade” consists static electricity on its frames. The static attracts the dust. I applied the system from air cleaner/ionizer.

A lampshade to dignify dust. Dust. It is everywhere around us, but we merely care about it. I was fascinated with the effect (sun)light will have on dust: it will make it sparkle. This has inspired me to create a lamp in the combination with dust. As the lampshade’s frame, becomes covered in layers of dust, they will take on the appearance of soft, fluffy cotton. Dust shade has allowed me to capture the beauty of dust.

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