05 jan


Een ontwerp van Re-light.

Re-light, een College Company opgericht door 6 studenten van de Rooi Pannen te Tilburg. Wij studeren Vormgeving Ruimtelijke Presentatie en Communicatie en hebben dit jaar de kans gekregen om onszelf te gaan ontplooien in de wereld van design en handel door middel van een College Company.

Lampenkappen van karton
Ons producten zijn lampenkappen gemaakt van karton. Elke lamp wordt volledig gemaakt uit (hergebruikt) karton. De verschillende vormen worden met behulp van laserapparatuur uit het karton gesneden. Hierna worden de lagen karton handmatig op elkaar geplakt, zo ontstaat een uniek lamp met prachtig lichteffecten aan de zijkanten.

De 7 modellen van Re-light

Remon Drie bollen bij elkaar (afbeelding rechts)
Resie Cilinders in 5 maten, 30, 35, 40, 45 en 50 cm (afbeelding links)
Reef Halfronde buis, 85 x 30 cm
Reon Rechthoek, 100 x 33 x 33 cm
Rebel Industrieel model (afbeelding midden)
Resa Eén bol
Remi Tafellampje

Doordat alles met de handgemaakt wordt is elk lichteffect aan de zijkant uniek. De lampen zijn ook leverbaar in het zwart en wit.

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04 jan

Meubels van karton

flower desiged by Niranjani    Yin-Yang designed by Niranjani    triangle designed by Niranjani
Designed by Niranjani.

I would very much like to participate in this designer competitie for several reasons : 1/ I have only recently started creating art furniture with cardboard material and I would like to make it widerly known, because 2/ people who know about my work really like it: they find it nice but also practical 3/ to show that despite the fact they are made of cardboard, the furniture I make are strong and easy (light) to move around. 4/ my furniture is locally produced (with locally found recycled material) In general, I would like people to get new ideas about how one can furnish one’s home and yet be at the same time sustainable, nice, resistant

My furniture is made out of recycled cardboard. Sometimes I first draw and built up a small model. This model helps me to see what is actually realistic, to calculate the right measurements and to see which part of the furniture will need the strongest reinforcements. After, I draw in real size on the cardboard, and the cutting work starts: there is a whole series of big & small pieces of cardboard to cut in order to build a strong inner structure (the skeleton). Next, the covering layer can be applied. Treatment against humidity, krafting, painting and varnishing are the next and final steps. The furniture I make is made of around 90% of natural material: the cardboard, paint and glue.

Working with cardboard enables me to bring to life the shapes I cherish most: curves. In the highly structured world we are living in, with its overwhelming straight lines and rules, quite non-natural and oppressing, I enjoy the freedom that the cardboard gives me, allowing me to create almost any forms that come through inspiration. Working in that manner with the cardboard material, I get the feeling to bring some smoothness to a too rigid and conformist life. A little “grain de folie”, a fresh breathe that I hope to share with my creations. I wish that the joy I put into my work will bring alike feelings to people’s own home.

A Flower for clothings
This colourful cardboard furniture in the shape of a flower measures around 1m60 high and 1m50 width, with a depth of around 4Ocm. It has been designed to welcome clothings in its cases as well as in its 4 handy lower drawers. The orange round center of the flower is another smaller drawer.

Yin-Yang Booky
This light yet strong cardboard bookshelf (2m high by 1m width) surely gives a special touch to the room in which it stand with two drawers.

Triangle Booky
The Triangle Booky is a cardboard bookshelf of 1.60m high, 30cm deep, and includes 2 drawers. Its structure is very strong, able to support dozens of books.

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